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The horses depicted on equiXotics are noble, with exquisite beauty and romantic presence. These are not ordinary horses, but bold and royal equines that possess a demeanor which calls attention to them over and above others in their breed. These images represent not only the baroque horses, but also include other refined and elegant breeds.

Horses are an important part of my life, as is my artwork presented here. I strive to capture the essence of the horse and hope you will connect with, and find in these images, inspiring expressions of the romantic horse.

The name equiXotics emerged from exploring different combinations of words conveying the romantic horse:

QUIXOTIC Meaning dreamy, extravagantly chivalrous, romantic or visionary, with its origin coming from 1805-15 after Don Quixote, the hero of romance. With synonyms of fanciful, fantastic, and imaginary.

EQUINE, EQUIS Meaning, of course, the horse.

Other words you may see in the name equiXotics include EXQUISITE and EXOTIC, both of which are used in describing the horses of romantic breeds.

I hope you enjoy the web site, and invite you to visit often. I plan to include here the artwork of other equine artists and crafts people that share the same visionary dreams of horses that I do. Please look for me at local horse shows throughout New England, including Equine Affaire, The Classic Horse Show, The Gypsy and Drum Horse Classic as well as many others.

Thank you for visiting Equixotics!
Sincerely, Dianne Dakowicz


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